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filtration water bottle

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  • MaterialTHE ECOZEN
  • Size60 * 225 * 0 mm
  • Weight256 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[DEW Corp.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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filtration water bottle


1. Two Way Bottle, an essentitem for those living in the modern era with the water purification and tumbler function, which is optimized and changed on the basis of the patented technology

2. Two Way Bottle highlights one’s own lifestyle with minimalized design will enhance the quality of life by offering freedom while safeguarding your health as well as the well-being of the environment.

3. - Drink tasteful water anytime, anywhere. Moreover, present well-being to our body and Earth
- Enjoy anytime, anywhere
- Clean and tasteful water is offered by filtering out the chlorine and calcareous substances through the use of carbon filter made of natural substances
- Carry around tasteful tap water and trustful purified water at anytime and anywhere
- Drink with peace of mind

4. It is an environmentally friendly product made of ecozen material and does not generate bisphenol A that are frequently detected in plastic water bottles.
It is time to make a choice for the health of you and your family

5. Optimized design for the convenience and maintenance of style of the user

6. Shield membrane for which the ordinary beverage could not be absorbed with water purification filter when filter is not being used

7. 2 way cover that enables drinking of purified water and ordinary beverage

8. Inlet that is automatically revealed when the cover is opened

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filtration water bottle

filtration water bottle

filtration water bottle

filtration water bottle